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Coaching Sessions 'Emotional Alchemy'

The work with Emotional Alchemy is a powerful tool to help us connect with our deepest feelings and emotions, sometimes for the first time ever. This can be overwhelming, especially when we are used to pushing those feelings down or distracting ourselves from them.

I offer private 1-to-1 coaching for people going through some kind of life challenge or crisis, to get a healthy sense of integration and to support a journey of healing. I also teach how it's possible to maintain secure self-containment in order to come into an empowered relationship with yourself.

I charge £60/hour for private coaching, which can take place in person or via telephone/skype.

If you wish to book an appointment please call 07722 403863 or send an email to .


Client Testimonials:

"I was going through a very difficult time in my life... I experienced my stress level rising up until I was getting all sorts of physical symptoms. I felt ill even though the doctor said all the tests were ok. At this point I realized, thatI had to look deeper in order to get to the real issues which were behind those symptoms. I found your meditation sessions really helpful because you taught me how to connect with that younger self of mine and try to hold and contain him with the resourceful adult self, which I am. I learnt how to be with whatever happened or came up to the surface. I also learnt that feelings and emotions do not just exist in our mind but all over our body; that's why my body got ill. Now I see that those unresolved feelings I was actually carrying around for a very long time. I felt really understood and comfortable with you from the very beginning. Thanks to your support I could look even deeper and got to understand old trapped feelings and emotions and their influence on my current behaviour. After just a few sessions I am much more confident to face any difficult situations that occur every day!"


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