Men├╝ ├╝berspringen

The course of a session

A safe environment is created to work with any priorities of treatment.

You lie on a treatment table fully dressed. You may be asked to bring attention to your body sensations or whatever is happening.
I will make some hands-on contacts (mostly at the head or pelvis) while carefully sensing the subtle movements being expressed through your body.

As a session progresses, a deep sense of letting go and relaxation often occurs. Within this state the body can most easily identify the source of any difficulties and access its inherent capacity to heal. We may stay in verbal contact as the treatment progresses. Within this process, your body knows precisely what it is ready to work with, and a process of reorganization of any patterns of inertia or stress can begin.

A key principle is to support our natural tendencies and capacities to heal, this minimizes the effects of any disease. Just as a light shines in the darkness and the darkness shrinks away, diseases naturally recede when health increases.

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