Sacred Union Alchemy

Vision: to enable you to be fully embodied, live from your heart, create authentic relationships in deep connection - and be fully alive!
It starts with the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine in balance within us and in our intimate relationships...



~ Women's only group gatherings and online programs
~ Mixed group gatherings, wheel of year ceremonies and workshops for men & women
~ Private sessions through mentoring, healing touch and Craniosacral Therapy

Healing and transformation is always possible and needed on different levels: our physical body, emotional body, spiritual body including our mind, the way we relate to one another and with ourself and in our intimate relationships and community. With the ultimate connection to the Divine a profound shift can happen to how we perceive and live our lives in a deeply meaningful, ecstatic and fulfilled way.

Everything is energy: when we allow the energies to flow through our body and remove the obstacles for doing so, we can experience bliss and ecstasy, vitality and health.

Heaven and Earth supplies us with frequencies and energies which nourish and support us on a deeper level. I feel called to help you plug yourself into these vibrations in a deeply embodied way so you may experience joy & happiness in your life as a spiritual being in a human body and more love & connection with your beloved!


In 2020 I launched a new 4 month programme for women, to take them on a journey into themselves, to recognise and help heal their wounds, imprints of life experiences, their old patterns of behaviours, their old beliefs and any blockages within the body which inhibit the flow of life force.

We will continue to run occasional one off evenings for women to come along. But the deeper healing will come over a longer process, and that is why I now plan to offer these more extended programmes.

In the future I want to also run mixed groups, so that both men and women can learn to more deeply connect, experience more passion and full hearted love bringing forth the beautiful aspects of spirit - the DIVINE FEMININE and the DIVINE MASCULINE.

Women: we don’t need to do this on our own any more!


But to start I’m focusing on women - in groups and in personal one-on-one sessions where I work with one woman on her own, very specific issues using the wisdom of the ages that I have been lucky enough to begin to understand. It’s a life’s journey - I hope you feel you might come along.


Click here for more details, offerings, gatherings, courses: Sacred Union Alchemy

Love and blessings,


Martha Egger R.C.S.T., B.C.S.T., Craniosacral Therapist, Transformation Specialist, Embodiment Teacher.



"I know many many of my female friends are yearning for something just like this and I would recommend it to each of them. Thank you very very much Martha Egger"

“Held at an already beautiful studio she set up the circle with such love and devotion it hit me hard as soon as I walked in. The wisdom she shared with us about the sacred masculine and feminine was profound and incredibly transformative for me personally. As it’s 2.5 hours long nothing was rushed, we took time to do the practises, meditations, contemplations and discussions... we all opened up and spoke with ease and depth that only the security, safety and time provided for us by Martha could allow.”

"Thank you Martha for your warmth, your energy, your guidance and presence. I really felt deeply held and assured throughout."

"I could not ask for a more nurturing evening. It was special!"

"Thanks again for a beautiful evening, you are excellent at holding space and I felt light and open when I left."

"I want to thank you for the last Sisterhood Circle, I had a such a wonderful time. Thank you for creating a safe place for us all to share. You have a such a warm presence around you that made it so easy to share. I felt a really big shift in my personal and emotional life that week. It hasn’t been an easy ride but I haven’t felt more present and hopeful in quite some time."

“I attended Martha's July sisterhood circle. I found the process of gently coaxing the union of masculine and feminine energy very loving to self and the divine. I'm looking forward to going to the next sisterhood circle. I came away feeling more connected and at peace. The openness and warmth from Martha and all the sisters there was something very beautiful to feel. I would definitely recommend this work. For me it's where I'm at and aligns with my journey but it's something that one could do and benefit from at any point in their personal journey.”

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