WOMB - HEART awakening: transforming the wounds of love on 15 June 2019

  • Initiatory wisdom from the creatrix of all life. beingalchemist
    Womb awakening by Azra and Seren Bertrand

This is a full day immersion for women, a deeply transformative workshop to empower you as an embodied divine creatrix, to bring your heart into deep connection with your womb as the source of creativity & wisdom, to birth your sacred legacy of love as a sexually sovereign being.

In this workshop you will work towards an experience of dropping into your body and relate from your pure and tender heart in your relationships to one another - in deep connection with your womb and your base. We will work through the obstracles you carry, which might have blocked this deep embodiment until now, with practices and skills that from my own experience were a huge resource in my life using them on a daily basis. 

The path to living from an open heart can be challenging. In the process of opening and connecting with our deep heart we are faced to meet our painful patterns and disappointments in life. In response to being hurt we often close ourselves off so we don't feel the pain of these core wounds, but this prevents us from truly connecting with one another.

In this workshop we will also explore how to anchor ourselves in a deeper wider centre within to hold these wounded parts of ourselves and love them back to life, so that we can live and love whole heartedly and experience deeper, more meaningful connections, following our souls purpose. Together we will create a safe space to connect with the heart in a deeply grounded way, explore different meditative and embodiment practices, journey through inner child work to heal & transform our emotional wounds. There is plenty of time for sharing and just being present with what is.

What you'll learn also:

  • how to be present for yourself as the foundation for authentic relationships
  • how to live from a deep embodied connection with your sensual, alive, wild womb, listening to the wisdom within
  • how to relate from your pure, open and tender heart with yourself and the people around you
  • how to connect with your own feelings and needs as the starting point of relating with one another
  • that setting your own boundaries with your loved ones will make you more loving in the long run of any relationship (because we all know that pleasing others only will disconnect you from yourself, your sensuality, your sexuality and your happiness in life)
  • how a daily practice can transform you into the woman you always wanted to be

This will be a small group, therefore tickets are limited and early bookings are recommended!

You may want to bring a packed lunch to have beneath the fig tree in the Green Shed's Garden or go to one of the cafe's nearby.

Venue: The Green Shed, 1 Tetherdown,  London N10 1ND

Date: Saturday 15 June from 10.30am - 6pm

Bookings: womb-heart-awakening-june.eventbrite.co.uk

contact Martha:

+44 7722 403863

I look forward to connecting with you!


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