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Women's Circle with Meditation

Women's Circle with Meditation and Embodied Practices of 'Emotional Alchemy'


Do you need a safe space to recharge or recover?

Would you like to overcome anxiety?

Are you aware of a potential for personal growth?

Do you get easily distracted?

Do you wish to become more present?

Would you like to be more receptive to the goodness of life?


If one of the above speak to you this class can support you on your path.

We will use Mindfulness Meditation, together with the embodied practices of 'Emotional Alchemy'.


Emotional Alchemy is a process, that I learnt in my 'Feminine Power Mastery Training' with Claire Zammit. Now I would like to share this wisdom and experience with you!

The aim of the practice is to consciously look and listen to our deepest feelings and needs. You can learn new skills in holding and containing your own inner process to fully step into an empowered relationship with the whole of yourself and with life.

Very often we disconnect from difficult feelings and emotions because they are too overwhelming or we are just used to pushing them away since childhood. The effects of these feelings and emotions manifest in the body and will often get in the way of being deeply present and focused. As adults, we may then find it hard to really connect in our relationships and can feel a lack of fulfillment in our lives.

The practices of 'Emotional Alchemy' can simply help us to heal and nurture ourselves. Now is the time! We don't anymore want to live a life being limited by our past experiences and we don't want to wait until somebody comes and saves us. It's time we take self-responsibility and learn to harness the power within ourselves. Using these skills you can soon feel empowered to turn your story around, so that you can start becoming who you really are.


Women's circles run on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.30am*

Venue: Western Road, London N2 9JA

Cost: £10 enrolled, £12 drop in

If you wish to book your place please call 07722 403863 or send an email to  .

*Please note that classes are during school terms only.



"I felt really understood and comfortable with you from the very beginning. Thanks to your support, I could look even deeper and got to understand old trapped feelings and emotions and their influence on my current behaviour."

"Martha leads very restful yet focused meditations. Her approach is very personal and I always leave her sessions feeling more relaxed and centred."


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